Voice T1 Telecommunication

T1 telecommunication lines are an excellent way for businesses to acquire fast, reliable Internet service. A T1 circuit provides the most reliable bandwidth available when leased from a quality T1 provider, which is one reason why businesses are willing to pay more for T1 than for other services, such as DSL or Cable. The reason why T1 service is so much more reliable is that T1 lines, that are leased from providers, are designated to the purchaser only. In other words, bandwidth is guaranteed at all times for the purchaser of a T1 line.Besides being used for Internet service and networking, T1 lines can also be used for local, long-distance, and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone lines.A pure full T1 line actually consists of 24 separate channels, each one providing 64Kbps data transfer rate. On the other hand, if the T1 line is being used to provide voice service, each channel can be used as a separate telephone line. Therefore, a full T1 line using all 24 channels can provide 24 independent phone lines with reliable service, good reception, good long distance rates, and a wide selection of calling features.This can be very useful for businesses which rely on many telephone lines to perform daily operations, such as call centers or other businesses which have a very high call volume. Another advantage to using T1 lines for telephone service is that paying for one T1 line is much more cost effective than paying for two dozen traditional telephone lines.Voice T1 lines can use digital or analog transmission, useful for situations which do not allow for the use of a PRI line, which is always digital.While T1 lines can be used for either bandwidth or for telephone service, they can also be used for both simultaneously, sometimes called an “integrated” T1 line. Special equipment is made available by most T1 providers which allow each of the 24 channels of the T1 line to be allocated between bandwidth or voice service. T1 users have the option to reserve any number of the channels to be used for telephone lines, using the remainder for bandwidth needs. For example, business or other organization using a full T1 line can use 12 of the 24 channels to provide the business with 12 separate phone lines. The other 12 channels can be used to provide 64Kbps bandwidth each, supplying a total of 768Kbps.

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